Repurposing Blog Post Ideas for Local Businesses


Reusing content is a good idea in almost every way. Not only are you getting the most out of your work, but it’s also a great way to keep your content fresh (there are always little updates that come with it) and save yourself some time.

Make a list of your top tips. Go through all of your posts on a certain topic and pick out the best tip from each one. Ideally, these tips should be very specific and niche ones that your audience might not know to look for. If you put these into a post, you’ll have a hack list.

Bring together your best ideas. This is similar to the last one, but instead of picking out specific tips, you should find a few posts that each go into detail about one strategy. Make a short post about each strategy, and then when you talk about each one, link to the more detailed post.

Combine and change course. Have a lot of short posts that all cover the same group of keywords? They might be going up against each other on the SERP. You could combine them into one big post and send them to the right place. You could use the URL that gets the most traffic and/or links from other websites. Or, if none of them do particularly well, just publish as new and send everyone to the new link.

Make a post out of a thread of comments. Have you ever posted something on social media that led to a long Q&A thread or an interesting discussion? Make a post out of it!


Don’t forget that you can also turn your blog posts into videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, social posts, ebooks, and more.

More ideas for reusing blog posts

– Turn a mega list of stats into a shorter post on data-backed reasons to do X.

– Make a blog post or a series of shorter blog posts from a white paper.

– Transcribe a podcast or video into a blog post

– Make a Q&A blog post out of a webinar

  • Share a list of the best things (top posts of the month, quarter, year)