How To Confidently Show Up For Your Local Business on Video

How To Confidently Show Up For Your Local Business on Video

If you’re considering incorporating video in your marketing, here’s how you can feel more confident showing up on camera and delivering value to your audience. The human element in video is part of what sets it apart as such a strong marketing tool.

Fear of the Equipment or Tech Stack
Uncertainty leads to fear and one of the biggest culprits to prevent anyone from getting started with video relates to equipment and tech.

There is an overwhelming number of choices with cameras ranging in price from $50 to thousands of dollars, lighting choices, microphones, audio, and video mixers, etc.

As you dig deeper into the world of video, one thing you begin to realize is that you don’t need to aim for perfection.

You can absolutely get incredible results with the equipment you likely already have! Like your iPhone or Android devices.

Fear of Public Speaking

I think the second culprit is the Fear of Public Speaking.
The same fears people have heading up onto a stage to talk seem to apply to people getting ready to sit in front of the camera.

There is a high expectation we set for ourselves for delivery and quality. You can become concerned about the weight of these expectations, worrying if you look and sound alright and if you’ll be assessed adversely for something.

Fear of Not Knowing What to Say

Not knowing what to say can be a limiting fear that prevents anyone from showing up for themselves on video.
The fear of not knowing what to say can be resolved by having a plan! 
As a result of having a plan, you’ll come across better and deliver a compelling message to your audience which results in you appearing to be more confident on camera!

Speaking of audiences, it’s worth mentioning that if you understand who your audience is and what their needs or problems are, you can prepare the video content that much more easily.

Get Into the Right Mindset Before Hitting Record
It can be a challenge to hit the record button for sure. Getting into the right mindset will help set the tone!

Nervous energy can be noticed by your audience. Sometimes simply stating that you are nervous and excited translates well once you are on the video. Often that converts into an air of confidence because you got the ‘nervousness’ off of your mind by addressing it. You will get better with each video you create!

Nervous energy will come through in your video so you can either make it a piece of the content or work to resolve the nervous energy through the video itself.

A great way to overcome that nervousness and put yourself into a better mindset is to rehearse what you were going to talk about and present.

Something else you can do is breathe deeply and focus on the topic of conversation. One trick I like is to imagine talking to one single person that can use the help, guidance or more information about the content I’m sharing.

One way to get grounded is to physically put your hand on your chest as if you are ‘speaking from the heart’ as if you want to impact the viewer profoundly! That usually does the trick for me!

Focusing on the One Thing…
For many, it’s easy tempting to jump right in and hot record because we have so much we want to say.

I love that enthusiasm.

If you want to get really good with video, I recommend practicing first. Simply record yourself and then watch the video with a kind but critical eye. 

Record a few videos and take note about one aspect you may want to improve like your mannerisms, lighting, background or your slide deck. Then focus on just one thing you want to immediately improve so that your next video is that much better!

That’s a Wrap
Here’s the thing. If you’re looking to get started using video for your local business, there is no better time to do that than right now!

Your audience loves video! You might as well show up for them…on video!

Our recommendation is to start with the equipment you already have in your pocket, like your iPhone or Android.


Prepare what you’re going to say in advance. You don’t need an elaborate slide deck to do this. You can simply use an index card for reference to keep yourself on point.

If you are focused on delivering your message for the benefit of your audience, you’ll come off genuinely confident and valued! Having that mindset will likely help you overcome any other fear that might be holding you and your business back from using video!